- a rock'n'roll action comedy -

© 2012-2016 Tumblewine Films
For the first time on YouTube February 2016 with added stuff, added rock and added laughs.

9'17" minutes, color/b&wh., English dialogue, 2012-2013
the film is produced with $upport from Norsk Filminstitutt v/Åse Meyer

Ted & Caroline driver «1-2-3 Forever» som utelukkende
leverer rock'n'roll på døra, som om det var pizza...
Men så møter de noen annerledestenkende
kjipe ting skjer, rock blir utøvd, skudd blir avfyrt, egg blir svidd,
...før noen ender opp 4-5-6 Feet Below...
- En Rock'n'Roll Action-komedie -

Ted & Caroline run "1-2-3 Forever" where they deliver
rock'n'roll to the door, like it was pizza...
But then they meet someone of a different mind set
- bad things happen, rock is performed, shots are fired, eggs are fried...
...before someone ends up 4-5-6 Feet Below...
- A Rock'n'Roll Action Comedy -


starring: Ted Negro, Caroline Gabrielsson, Anderz Eide, Fredrik di Fiore,
Mariangela Cacace di Fiore, The Mobsmen & Hugo Alvarstein
a film by Gunnar Knutsen/Tumblewine Films


In 2002 we made the first films about the rock'n'roll delivery service 1-2-3 Forever
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